Driver Qualification

Resident in Japan

You must hold a driver’s license, issued by prefectual public safety commission.
“AT limited “included.However you need 1 year or more of driving experience after obtaining driver’s license.


●You must hold an International Driving Permit, issued by Geneva Convention Parties.
●You must hold a Driver’s License of your home country.
●Valid Passport is required.


If you are holding a Driver’s License of Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Slovenia and Monaco.

●You must hold a Driver’s License of your home country.
●Please provide an accredited Japanese translation, by embassy, consulate or JAF(Japan Automobile Federation).
●Valid Passport is required.


  • We will not lend our vehicle to following customers.
  • ※Those who have a medical condition that hinders driving.
  • ※Those who we judge we can not lend our vehicle to.


Regardless of whether or not it is serious, if you are involved in an accident whilst on hire, you must stop driving immediately and please take following actions.

  1. Aid for injured people.
  2. Report the accident to Police.
  3. Contact Yours Small Camper immediately and follow our instructions.(If unavailable to contact us, please contac Insurance Company directly)

≪Article 72 (1)≫

Article 72 (1) In the event of a traffic accident, the driver and other occupants of the vehicle, etc. involved in the traffic accident (hereinafter referred to in this Section as “driver, etc.”) shall immediately stop driving the vehicle, etc. and take necessary measures such as aiding injured persons and preventing road hazards.
In this case, the driver of the vehicle, etc. (or any other occupants of the vehicle, etc. if necessary due to death or injury of the driver; the same shall apply hereinafter in the following paragraph) shall report to a police officer at the scene or at the nearest police station (including police booths and police satellite offices; the same shall apply hereinafter in the following paragraph) the date, time and place of occurrence of the traffic accident, the number of casualties and their degrees of injury, damaged objects and their degree of damage, the load carried by the vehicle, etc., and measures taken with regard to the traffic accident.