Big fan of Wasabi and Rice! ~Nagano~


Two outdoor loving Malaysians, brought chairs and a table from home.

After climbing Mt. Fuji, beautiful scenery, cool breeze and fresh soft ice cream were the best on the Venus Line.

Saw how real wasabi grow in the field and tried wasabi ice cream and wasabi croquette.

Grateful for people’s kind and warm hearts, met wild animals, the couple immensely enjoyed the trip!



(^o^)/ Tips for future users

★ Michi no eki (道の駅) are very useful for spending the night, the toilets are always clean. You also get to look at local produce and specialties, which is always a good experience!

★We always try to survey for sleeping location before it gets dark, a good indication for a normal sleeping location is to observe if there are any other people in campervans or similar.

★We also noticed that the GPS in the car is always updated with road works / closure most of the time, hence it is good for real time information.

★We had camera batteries to charge, and we only have AC chargers. Hence, we had to sometimes spend a few hours at a convenience store to charge them.


Duration            12 days

ETC Toll Fee     17,350yen

Distance       2,032 km

Tokyo → Mt.Fuji→ Kamikouchi → Matsumoto → Lake Suwa → Nagano → Nagaoka → Nikko → Tokyo

↓↓ Wasabi


Yours Small Camper


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