Barbecue of freshly caught fish ! ~Izu Peninsula~

A couple from Germany,

After an adventure of downtown Tokyo, went out to countryside looking for nature and different atmosphere.

Two full weeks spent around Fuji Five Lakes and Izu Peninsula, turned out their favorite spots of Japan.

Really liked Lake Motosu, Nishiizu and Kawazu.

Enjoyed Ryokan stay with dishes of meals lined up on the table, and of course relaxing hot springs.

The most beautiful memory is one evening in Nishiizu. Some young guys from Tokyo and Yokohama invited them to eat dinner together.

They were fishing the whole day and shared their delicious meal with them.


(^o^)/ Tips for future users

  • We brought our own tent to Japan, but at the end we slept inside of the camper. It was so comfortable.



Duration     15 days

Distance      725 km
Tokyo → Fuji Five Lakes → Izu Peninsula → Tokyo

ETC Toll Fee   0 yen


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