Heart of Japan ♡ Ise Shrine and Lake Biwa

A couple of USA and Australia, both English teachers in Japan.

Mini-camper trip to Ise Jingu Shrine, Japans most sacred Shinto Shrines, they always wanted to visit for a long time.

Fresh air of the approach to the shrine, the culture rafts of pearl, oyster and seaweed that last forever …  certainly a very Japanese experience.


(^o^)/ Tips for future users

 A long USB cable can charge your phone while youre driving (for navigation and taking photos).

 Speakers will be nice for music.

  Try using local roads instead of highways so you can see a different side of Japan.



Duration     3 days

Distance      1,149 km Tokyo Nagoya Ise → Lake Biwa Tokyo

ETC Toll Fee   13,160 yen


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