STEP 01Availability

Please inquire car availability and period of rent, by telephone or e-mail.

  • TEL:0120-112-360
    Yours Corporation Ltd.
    (Monday~Friday 08:30m~17:30pm)
  • mailMAIL

STEP 02Application

We will send you an estimate and application form, so fill in all necessary information and return it. Application has not been confirmed at this point.

We will notify you of receipt of application within 2 working days.
Please contact us, if you do not hear from us after 2 working days.
Application is confirmed at this point.

STEP 03 Contract

Please come to our office for contract.
Contract, payment and lease will take about half an hour.
We will issue a “Lease Certificate”. Please hold this at all times.

【What to bring to the contract】

  1. Valid driver’s license of everyone driving, including contractor
    ※If the contractor and the person driving are different, an identification of the contractor is necessary.
    (passport, national insurance card, etc)
  2. For foreigners, international passport and driver’s permit.
  3. We will copy and retain a driver’s license and ID card

【How to pay】 
Full payment must be made in advance by cash or credit card at the time of the contract.

【Payable credit cards】 
Payable credit cards

STEP 04Drop off

Drop off location is our office.

  • Please return the vehicle with a full fuel tank.
    If you can not return the vehicle with a full fuel tank, fuel charge will be settled by the fuel gauge. (In this case, charge may possibly become higher.)
  • Payment should be made if there is remaining fee such as expressway toll and fuel fee.