Our vehicle is insured by automobile insurance.Insurance premium is included in basic rates.

Bodily injury liability Unlimited
Property damage liability Unlimited
Accident causing injury or death Unlimited
Vehicle Damage Actual Cost

<In the event of accident, renter’s responsibility>
(Mandatory)  Non operation charge * (Business Compensation
(Additional, case-by-case)  Expenses not covered by insurance
(Obligatory, apart from accident)  Flat tire etc.

*Non Operation Charge (NOC)*
In the event of an accident, theft, trouble or stain/damage on the vehicle even with no-fault liability of renter, if the vehicle needs to be repaired and/or cleaned, a fee will be charged as a part of a compensation for business during the time regardless of the degree of the damage or the time required for such repair.
(1) If the undersigned drive and return to the office・・・50,000yen
(2) If the undersigned are not able to drive and return to the office・・・100,000yen

The insurance will not cover following cases.
Please note that you are responsible for such cost in full.

Report or notification to the police has not been done, regardless of the seriousness of the accident.
No contact to our office has been made, regardless of the seriousness of the accident.
If you violate the Terms and Conditions

Violation of laws and regulations of Road Traffic Act, driving under influence of alcohol, drugs, extension without prior approval, drivers other than the drivers assigned at the vehicle pick-up, subleasing, driving without a license, reckless driving, violating public order and morals, settling out of court without our consent etc.

In cases where it falls under grounds for immunity reason of the insurance policy or compensation system, or when the payment is excluded, etc.

Towing fee and related charges caused from damage by intention, drinking alcohol, drug use and complete vehicle damage. Flat tires and damaged tires, loss of wheel cap, etc. In addition, damage to property of the customer (contractor or driver).

When there was a fault in use and management

When stolen whilst parked with the key attached and theft occurs, damage caused by nuisance parking, dirty mess and stench of indoor equipment, loss of equipment, damage due to mishandling and improper installation of chain carrier, and damage by driving seashore and riverbed, etc.