Suzuki Every

Small Camper, available for 2 passengers travelling. Sleep-in OK !

SUZUKI EVERY is a camper for 2 adult passengers. You can enjoy driving in a relaxing and comfortable space. With a bed that can be spread all the way, 2 adults can sleep with comfort. It is a recommended Small Camper for your free and comfortable journey.

Suzuki Every 360 picture

Easy bedmaking

Just fold the left and right sides of the rear seats forward, and tilt the bed mat.


Vehicle Model SUZUKI EVERY PA Limited 4AT
Capaity 2 persons
Sleeping Capacity 2 Adults
Size Length3395mm Width1475mm Height1895mm
GPS Navigation (English)

Main Equipment

  • Power


    There is an external power supply, you can charge smartphone and watch DVD without keeping the engine running.

  • スズキエヴリィ

    Screen Window

    Screen window on the rear seat! You can keep the window open without worrying about bugs.

  • スズキエヴリィ

    FF Heater

    Heating system that allows you to sleep warm and comfortable without keeping the engine running.

  • スズキエヴリィ


    A bed for two adults lie down comfortably. You can use back space in various ways.

  • ETC

    ETC (Electronic Toll Collection)

    ETC card allows discount of expressway toll fee. Toll fee is settled at the time of returning the car.

  • カーナビ

    GPS Navigation

    GPS navigation system available with Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean voice navigation.

  • スズキエヴリィ

    Car Rack

    You can load large items such as suitcases in the rack.
    ※Luggage storage service at our office is also available.

  • スズキエヴリィ


    Feel safe to have a shade, while you sleep in the car!
    You can secure your privacy.

  • スズキエヴリィ

    Back seats

    Fold the bed and set up the back seats, people up to 4 adults can ride in the car.